Tiered Triple Reward System

Simplicity & Sustainability

Botopia is an AI-based automated platform. It analyses more than 300 pairs, evaluating multiple indicators, the cryptoassets with more volatility, volume and profitability of the market.
Thanks to this technology we are able to foresee the price trends in the market and make the most convenient investment at the right time, thus maximizing the return.
We designed BOTOPIA with simplicityand sustainability in mind...
Botopia offers a tiered user level system that allows that both individual persons and institutions participate in our project, regardless of their financial capacity and their prior knowledge.
Our company policy is to offer easy access to the cryptoassets market through our investment platform without the user requiring prior experience in the financial markets. The user only needs to choose what capital to invest, what interests to earn and how often*. *Minimum 2 weeks (2,5% reward of total invested capital)
Botopia Finance

What is TTRS?

TTRS is an innovative triple reward system, designed by Botopia, with the aim of maximising gains on our AI automated platform thanks to the advanced tokenomics of BTOP, our referrals system, and also the fixed passive gains of your invested capital

Investment return

60% APR using our automated investment platform (1.15 % weekly)

Passive reflection

Of the intelligent contract of our access token (BTOP) to the investment platform (2% purchases and sales)

Referral program

With 0.1% profit for each referral.

Botopia: easily multiply your money

BTOP Tokenomics

Token symbol: BTOP
Total supply: 120,000,000
Total decimals: 18
Total BUY fees: 8%
Total SELL fees: 14%
BUY/SELL fee to holders: 2%
BUY/SELL fee to LP: 3%
BUY/SELL fee Burned: 1%
BUY/SELL fee to GLOBAL USER wallet: 2%
SELL fee to buy back: 6%
Max wallet allocation (Anti-Whale): 1%
Max token BUY/SELL (Anti-Whale): 1%


BTOP Tier System

User levels system (TIER)

Tier 1:

Minimum 10,000 BTOP Investment 10 - 500 USDT (0,6% Reward Fee**)

Tier 2:

Minimum 20,000 BTOP Investment 10 - 1,500 USDT (0,5% Reward Fee**)

Tier 3:

Minimum 30,000 BTOP Investment 10 - 5,000 USDT (0,4% Reward Fee**)

Tier 4:

Minimum 50,000 BTOP Investment 10 - 10,000 USDT (0,3% Reward Fee**)

Tier 5*:

Minimum 70,000 BTOP Investment 10 - 100,000 USDT (0,175% Reward Fee**)

Tier 6*:

Minimum 100,000 BTOP From > 100K USDT (0,125% Reward Fee**)

* Please contact via e-mail or Telegram to access this user level. ** 0.1 % discount on referral system.

Our Roadmap

for phases:


Private Sale Website Launch 1000 Telegram Members Launch on Pancake Swap Launch Dashboard Public Sale Launch Marketing


Launch Marketing Trust/Meta/PCS Verification $5M Market Cap CoinMarketCap / CoinGecko Offline advertising & partnerships Staking & Reinvestment Dynamics


5,000 Holders $25M Market Cap Certik Audit $50M Market Cap Listing on CEX More to be announced...

Who are We (Team)

G. C. Montero

Product CEO DEV

Raúl B. C.

Product CEO

  • Binance DEX
  • PancakeSwap
  • BscScan
  • Nomics
  • CoinGecko
  • MoonLight
  • Trust Wallet
  • CoinMarketCap